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VDDS – Verband Deutscher Dentalsoftware Unternehmen
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The Verband Deutscher Dental-Software Unternehmen e.V. (VDDS) (Association of German Dental Software Enterprises) is the umbrella association representing the interests of German enterprises which produce dental practice management and organizational software. Our members have a combined market share of about 80% of the German dental software market.

The VDDS was founded in August 1996 with the purpose of improving the quality, efficiency and transparency of software in health care while collaborating with public agencies, dental corporations, professional medical associations and other institutions.

The association is based in Cologne. The Chairman of the Board is Ms. Sabine Zude from CompuGroup Medical Dentalsysteme GmbH. Managing Director of the association is the specialist solicitor of IT Law from Cologne, Dipl.-Inform. Dr. jur. Marcus Werner.

The VDDS promotes high standards of quality in dental software and advocates compliance to these standards among all parties involved in the development of dental software. The VDDS has developed standardized interfaces for the transfer of data between disparate IT systems and fosters cooperation within the industry. The VDDS maintains an active dialog with the self governing medical associations representing the interests of dentists in Germany.

The VDDS is the first point of contact for policy makers when dental software is concerned.

One major objective of the association is to define IT norms for dental software, thereby setting standards of quality for the sector. In addition, the VDDS strives to create IT standards which apply to the healthcare sector as a whole.

In this way, the VDDS promotes transparency and the secure flow of data in the healthcare sector - aspects which benefit practicing dentists and the members of our association who serve them.

The VDDS Association promotes the common societal and business interests of its members.

The association maintains contact with all relevant statutory institutions and public agencies and strives to strengthen its relationship to these organizations at all times. In addition, the VDDS sees itself as a key link between businesses in the healthcare sector, policy makers and dentists. The VDDS acts as a liason between dentists, their self governing agencies, policymakers and the VDDS members (the producers of dental software products).

A major focus of the VDDS involves defining standards of quality for dental software. The VDDS provides technical interfaces for its members and their clients. These interfaces are developed and improved by VDDS working groups comprised of experts from the member companies in order to facilitate the transfer of data between disparate IT systems.